Medical marijuana can be used in the treatment of a number of different conditions including, Alzheimer’s, cancer, Crohns disease, epilepsy, as well as a number of mental health conditions such as schizophrenia. The drug serves to reduce stress, reduce inflammation and pain, kill cancer cells, slow tumor growth, and help AIDs and cancer patients regain an appetite in order to put weight back on. As science is waking up to the potential benefits of medical marijuana, so are governments.

Since December 2017, it has been legal to operate a Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center in the State of Michigan. Prior to this date, it was illegal. This means that, now, you may set up your own Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center, provided you have the relevant license and maintain your business within the regulations set out by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, and the Administrative Rules which govern the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

With this major change in legislation, as you may imagine, there are going to be plenty of existing businesses that want to expand their operations to offer medical marijuana, and there will also be a large number of new companies forming with medical marijuana being their primary focus. If you are someone that is starting their own company, or already has one, and you are planning on dispensing medical marijuana, then you will need to have a good understanding of all of the legalities of the matter.

Getting a license is not quite as simple as just filling in a few forms. With many areas relating to marijuana still being illegal, it is therefore understandable that the state takes great care in ensuring that this area is tightly controlled. They need to ensure that you are the right people to be operating in this industry and they will want to ensure that you are capable of operating your business once you have obtained your license.

Getting The Help Of A Legal Professional When Applying For A Medical Marijuana Dispensary License

There are currently five different forms of available licenses that can be obtained. These have their own specific qualifications and have varying rules that take into account areas such as zoning limitations, the distance that the dispensary can be situated away from other things, they will also examine the finances of the applicant to ensure that they can afford to run the business once they receive the license.

Having a lawyer on hand who can help to navigate you through all of the applicable laws will be invaluable. With obtaining your Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center License being a core part of your business strategy, your entire business plan rests on your securing this. You cannot afford to leave anything to chance.

Choosing the right location for your dispensary will be vital. With a number of key legal concerns surrounding the positioning of medical marijuana provisioning center, an experienced MMFLA lawyer will be able to advise you on these matters before you commit to a lease which will prove to be unsuitable.

Ensuring that all of the complex needs of the licensing applications are met may mean that you need to speak with an experienced MMFLA lawyer. This may be beneficial to any business, from those starting out to those who would like to offer medical marijuana.

Legal professionals such as Fisher, Fowler And Williams have a great deal of experience of helping other new Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center to form and begin trading and as such, not only have the understanding of the legalities of the process, but also the complications that may be involved in setting up all of the operational areas of the new business.

The Future Of Medical Marijuana

Since legalization has only occurred recently, this is still a very new area and as such, regulations may change. An experienced MMFLA lawyer will be able to provide you with the most current advice on the situation.

Once you have obtained your license, the work does not stop there. You will have a legal responsibility to maintain your business in accordance with all of the legal requirements that the regulations determine. As a part of your licensing conditions, you may need to be inspected or audited to ensure that you are meeting the ongoing requirements of the Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center License.


In order to provide the support that your business needs in these new legal areas, obtaining the honest advice and support of an experienced MMFLA lawyer will be vital in achieving ongoing success in your new business venture.

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