The legalization of marijuana has taken significant strides forward as of late. An exciting development occurred in July when rules and regulations for the use of recreational marijuana were released by the state of Michigan.

In 2018, voters in Michigan approved marijuana for recreational use by adults. It ensured that adults could grow and possess as many as twelve cannabis plants. This officially became legal last December. Despite this, pot could only be bought by individuals who are able to legally purchase the drug with a medical marijuana card.

The new rules are primarily based on providing new laws and regulations for businesses selling drugs. However, they are going to have an impact on those individuals who are looking to purchase marijuana for recreational purposes.

When Will You Be Able To Buy Marijuana?

In November and specifically the first of the month, Michigan will officially begin accepting applications for business licenses to sell marijuana for recreational purposes. The aim is to award licenses within the same month and could lead to some companies being open for business before the year is out. This is going to depend on efficiency levels and how prepared they are.

It doesn’t mean, however, that these businesses are going to be widespread. It will be some time before we start to see multiple stores pop up where it’s possible to buy weed.

Who Will Be Able To Buy?

Anyone over 21 can now buy marijuana from a retail store for recreational purposes. You’re just going to need to make sure that you have identification that proves your age. Essentially, it’s going to work in exactly the same way as buying alcohol or cigarettes.

Medical marijuana is different. If you visit a dispensary and you have a qualifying illness along with a medical marijuana card, then you can get the drug at any age. Qualifying illnesses include PTSD, chronic pain and cancer. It’s true that there are children who are able to buy marijuana products for medicinal use. This is particularly prevalent in children who suffer from seizures.

Is It Possible To Buy Both From The Same Shop?

Businesses will have the option to sell marijuana for medical use and recreational purposes from their store. However, these products will be separated. They will also be taxed differently. While both have a 6% sales tax, recreational marijuana has a 10% excise tax on top of this. As such, you may find it’s more expensive.

Are They The Same?

The potency limit of the two types of marijuana is different. Medical marihuana can be produced with a potency of up to 50 milligrams of THC. This is the element which delivers the high to users. The limit is relevant for everything from chocolate bars to gummies. Recreational standards are not yet clear but in other states have been significantly lower. For instance, Colorado has a 10 milligrams limit for recreational use.

Is It Going To Be Available Everywhere?

No, there are plenty of communities that have decided that they don’t want the drug to be sold by businesses in their location. Indeed 506 have made this choice. While residents can work to reverse this decision, this requires the gathering of signatures for 5% of registered voters. At that time, the question of a reversal will be discussed which could lead to businesses being allowed to sell the drug in the town.

If the community provides the necessary approval, it’s likely that businesses will open quickly. There are also licenses for themed events such as the Cannabis Cup competitions. These aren’t sanctioned by the state but do provide a place where the drug can be sold and used legally.

Where Else Can You Use The Drug?

You’re going to be able to use the drug in your home assuming you are not renting and this isn’t banned by your landlord. While a landlord can ban you from smoking the drug, there’s nothing stopping you consuming edibles. You cannot, however, use the drug in public except in public social clubs for people over the age of 21. Again, these clubs need local community approval and will not be provided the option of selling the drug. You’ll need to bring your own or hope that a friend will share with you.

The good news is that the new rules are making it easier for businesses to get set up and start selling. As such, there is a strong possibility that you will easily be able to find a place to buy marijuana for recreational use after November.