The perception surrounding cannabis is dramatically changing in the United States. Lawmakers and citizens are starting to realize the potential benefits it can offer the medical sector.

31 states have now legalized marijuana for medical use. There are also bills moving through Congress that could recognize state legalization, which could, in turn, legalize marijuana and hemp at a federal level too.

As the legal cannabis market continues to grow, the need for distributors, growers and good warehouse grow room design will grow alongside it. Along with this is the need to make sure you are well-informed and educated about any warehouse grow room design legal issues.

Some of the warehouse grow room design legal issues that you may face include:

Real Estate 

Growing cannabis requires adequate space. Considerations need to be made over whether a site is fit for purpose, needs to be built, purchased or renovated. Lawyers are able to help with renovation agreements, real estate transactions and assist with construction contracts for your warehouse grow room design.


Project Structure

As an owner, you will have many options over the structure of your project, a lawyer can help you structure the project in the most likely way to lead to success.


Warehouse Grow Room Design

There isn’t much choice when it comes to architects and engineers with direct experience in designing a warehouse grown room. You will want to make sure you have an architect and engineer qualified in the jurisdiction you are building in. It’s a good idea to have a lawyer watch over these kinds of dealings.



This is a new industry and if a construction mortgage is needed, some lenders may be less likely to provide you with the financing that you need. You may also find that they are much more diligent over the application and acceptance process. The lender may require more security than they otherwise would with other projects. A lawyer can advise you of this process.



It’s common for your lender to require you to obtain insurance during the operational and construction time. Obtaining the right insurance can be challenging, however, with the help of a lawyer you will have the right information to hand to find the correct policy. If you don’t have the right type of policy that covers you, then it could leave you in a bad place in the future.


Building Materials

It’s important that you are using the materials that you not only need but also the ones that are deemed as fit for purpose in law. You also need to make sure you are following any build regulation guidelines for your warehouse grow room design. Compliance with bylaws and building codes is a necessity. Any deals that you make with suppliers should be looked at by your lawyer in order to make sure you are abiding by the rules in place.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, this article is only intended to be general information and to help you recognize how a lawyer could help you with your warehouse grow room design. As well as making the consideration above when building a warehouse grow room design always remember that you need to be licensed to do so. Any readers of this are advised to talk their projects through with a lawyer if there are any questions.