Over the last few years, many states throughout the US have been relaxing their laws surrounding Cannabis. In the past, this substance was viewed as a wholly negative thing, with most people looking to avoid it, though this was mostly down to stigma, and this is slowly being wiped away.

As one of the latest States to jump on the bandwagon, Michigan has recently passed laws which make it legal to sell, buy, and possess Cannabis. This is great for those who enjoy using this substance, as it removes the chance of getting trouble for it, but the real winners here are businesses and investors.

If you live in Michigan, there have been few better times to get started with something like a canna-business. There aren’t many companies offering these products, but it won’t take long for the industry to fill up. This is where this article comes in, providing you with the knowledge you need to start your canna-business.

The Funding

As possibly the most critical part of this, the investment will be the first challenge you’ll face. If you have enough money to get started by yourself, this will be a great route to go down, but most people have to look for someone else to do this for them. More and more investment firms are opening up to the idea of this sort of industry.


The Property

Once you have some money behind you, it will be time to begin thinking about the property you use for your work. You will have a far easier time of attracting other businesses and investors in the future if you’re able to avoid working from home. While it will be pricey, having an office is a great idea, and will make your business look a lot more professional than one which doesn’t have anything at all.


The Stock

Given how new canna-business is in states like Michigan, it makes sense that finding stock can be a challenge. There aren’t many grows available, with strict licencing laws making it very hard for new farms to open, and a lot of people being unable to afford the fees which come with this. For this reason, many canna businesses decide to grow their Cannabis, taking the issue of getting stock away entirely.


The Law

There is a significant amount of red tape which has to be bypassed when you’re going through this process. Not only are their laws which prevent you from setting up shop without the correct licencing, but you won’t even be able to advertise Cannabis unless you have the right credentials. The law will probably change a fair bit over the next few years, making it worth keeping your eyes open to monitor for changes.


The Brand

With so many canna-businesses opening their doors, it can often be a challenge for companies to make themselves stand out. You will need a strong brand to achieve this goal, along with some smart marketing, and these are both areas which most people will struggle with. It’s well worth getting some help at this stage, even if you have to pay for it.


The Support

It takes a vast amount of work to launch and maintain a canna-business. Most people won’t have the time or energy to handle this for themselves, and this makes it crucial that you have some support along the way. The best way to get this is by teaming up with a business partner. While this will mean that you own less of the business, it will give you an extra set of hands to help with all of the work along the way.


Federal Law

While individual states have made it legal to buy and use Cannabis, this substance is still prohibited by federal law. This makes it crucial that your products, customers, and team are all from the same state as you, and you should be spending time to learn the different rules you have to follow. This doesn’t mean that the FBI will be coming for you but makes it crucial that you understand the rules.

The cannabis industry has already proven very successful over the last few years. States like California are making a small fortune out of the stuff, and many small businesses have opened their doors as a result. Of course, though, you need to take the right steps if you’re going to be successful in this industry, and it’s well worth considering all of the tips people give you along the way.