Nobody wants a car accident or any kind of traffic collision to take place, but unfortunately, they happen very frequently. Human error, technical issues, or even straight-up idiocy mean that people regularly get themselves into trouble on the road. That’s why you, as a driver, must be so very careful behind the wheel as anything could happen.

Now, the chances are that you’ll probably run into some kind of issue(s) in the future due to the nature of road life and the balance of probability. This means you should always be backed up by a legal team – just in case. It doesn’t matter whether you’re involved in a small fender bender or whether you’re part of a huge smash, having the right people and firm on your side is critical in terms of the way things play out going forward.

You’ll be affected in one way or another by negative experiences on the road, so it’s only fair that you’re compensated in return. You deserve to come out of the other side with justice prevailing – however that justice presented itself. When an event occurs that precedes legal action, a settlement is often agreed that benefits those wronged. In Michigan, settlements can vary – the most anyone has ever received in this state is thirty-four million dollars after a truck accident. That figure is likely to remain the highest auto or truck accident settlement ever by a lawyer.

Let’s delve into a little more detail, and then look at what the average settlement for a car accident actually is.


The Right Steps To Make After A Car Accident

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to be thrust into such a situation, then you’ll have to get a few basic steps right before you move on. Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you (and anyone in your car) are able to exit the vehicle safely. It doesn’t matter how vicious the bump was, you should leave just in case. If the emergency services are required, then you’ll obviously want to do that as soon as possible. You’ll then need to exchange details with everyone involved. If you feel as though you’ve been completely wronged in this scenario, then it’s suggested that you get in touch with a lawyer in order to protect yourself further.


When And Why Would You Call An Attorney After An Accident?

You’d call an attorney and discuss how things might go in the coming weeks and months. When you’re in a collision on the road, you’re immediately put into a position whereby your life could be in danger, or where your immediate future could be in jeopardy in one way or another. Your reasoning for consulting a legal professional is simple: you’ll want to be compensated for any problems you encounter due to this event. You may not be able to work, or worse, you may not be able to function the same afterwards. A legal challenge will allow you to continue on with life should the collision impede you from living in any way.


How To Find The Right Attorney

The State Bar of Michigan offers a lawyer referral service. You can visit their website or call them directly in order to get more information. You can find the list of attorneys who practice law by checking the local phonebook, and they can also be obtained from the bar association.
Different legal professionals specialize in different areas of the law, so you’ll need to look at the list and find someone that suits the appropriate situation. Thankfully, this kind of task is made a lot easier due to the power of the World Wide Web.


What Can An Attorney Actually Do For You?

If you have a good case ahead of you, then you’ll likely reach a comfortable settlement that everyone can agree on. It all depends on the ferocity of the situation: if you are damaged pretty badly, then you’ll need to be compensated accordingly. As mentioned previously, Michigan lawyer, Steven Gursten, recovered a $34 million settlement for a truck accident, the highest in the United States for that year. If you feel as though you need to push for more than just a financial result, then you can discuss that, too.


How Much Will A Michigan Lawyer Cost?

Typically, your attorney will not look for a figure of any kind unless they win the case for you. If that does happen, then, of course, rates vary from person to person. They may look to take a percentage of any money you receive from the result as their payment.


Will You Be Guaranteed A Settlement?

Nobody is ever guaranteed the result they want or the settlement they feel they deserve – it’s all based on the strength of the case and the ability of those representing you. In the court of law, two sides face-off, and whoever presents the best case will come away with their desired result.


What Has History Told Us About Past Settlements?

There has been an eclectic mix of results over the years in Michigan’s courts. For instance, one gentleman in the past was awarded fifteen million dollars after being struck from behind, causing him to become a quadriplegic. Whereas another individual was struck on a highway shoulder, meaning both his car and his body took significant damage – this case landed the victim around $500,000. Depending on the instance, the jury, and other variables, legal action could compensate someone with up to seven or eight figures.


The Verdict

We’ve established that there is no real average car accident settlement amount, but we can take a look at what has happened in the past and put together a figure that seems about right. Again, it all depends on the severity and the strength of the case. If you’re not really hurt but your life takes quite the turn, then you’ll likely receive a six-figure settlement. If you’re unfortunate enough to receive lifelong and horrific damage to yourself and, therefore, your life, you could be awarded damages rising to millions – or tens of millions.