Guidance on CBD and Industrial Hemp in Michigan

Guidance on CBD and Industrial Hemp in Michigan

As of March 29, the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation (BMR) joint with the Michigan Dept of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) have issued guidance on CBD and Industrial Hemp in Michigan. This comes following the recent legalization back in 2018. However, as many of the rules and licences have been surrounding medical and recreational marijuana specifically, it’s also a great idea to outline the guidance on both CBD and Hemp according to LARA too.

Guidance on CBD and Industrial Hemp in Michigan

Will Unlicensed Michigan Medical Marijuana Providers Have to Close June 1st?

It has recently been reported in the Detroit Free Press that lawmakers are attempting to shut down medical marijuana providers that are currently unlicensed. But will this happen once and for all?

In recent years, attempts have been made to stop unlicensed providers – but various court challenges have prevented action from being taken. So is now the time for action to be carried out? Is this the bill that will finally ensure all medical marijuana providers in the state are licenced under Michigan’s new regulatory setup?

Earlier this month, a new bill was introduced and later approved by a House panel in a 5-0 bipartisan vote. The bill states that any Michigan marijuana dispensary that is currently operating without a licence, will not be able to obtain a Medical Marijuana License for the minimum term of one year, as of June 1.

Guidance on CBD and Industrial Hemp in Michigan

Highlights From May 2, 2019 release: “Marijuana Regulatory Agency Addresses Recent Court Decisions”

On May 2nd , 2019, the MRA issued a bulletin in response to the recent decisions issued by the Court of Claims on April 30th , 2019. The bulletin indicated that the new agency formed by Gov. Whitmer will be issuing “new practices to streamline the application process and ensure access to safe marijuana products.” The bulletin outlined the order in which applications are going to be reviewed by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency. For applicants that have already paid the fee to apply, but have not provided a complete application, which includes applicants who were asked for supplemental responses or received notices of deficiency, “the MRA will swiftly provide these applicants . . . an approval or denial.”

Guidance on CBD and Industrial Hemp in Michigan

What are Michigan’s Current Cannabis Laws?

Are you new to Michigan? Would you like to understand the Michigan marijuana laws more? If the marijuana regulations confuse you, were going to take a look at the LARA surrounding both medicinal and recreational marijuana so that you can get to know the current Michigan cannabis laws more.

Guidance on CBD and Industrial Hemp in Michigan

Michigan Expected to Draft Recreational Marijuana Rules by June 2019

After a period of wait where no recreational Marijuana sale rules or plans seem to have been in place, it appears that the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation are to set to draft laws ahead of June 2019, according to The Detroit News.

Regarding both the commercialised production and then the sale of recreational marijuana in the state of Michigan, while the plans may be announced by June, the implementation may not take place until months later, according to Director Andrew Brisbo, whenever applications for a Recreational Marijuana License can start to be taken.

However, this is all very much on-plan for the state. After the usage of recreational cannabis was approved in November 2018, LARA was given until December 2019 to create the rules and allow Recreational Marijuana License applications to be accepted.