Criminal Law Defense Attorney in Royal Oak


Have you or a loved one been charged with a crime? Or are you fairly sure you or your family member are going to be charged with a crime? In either case, this can be the scariest time in your life. There are a lot of questions that go through your mind. Will I have to go to jail, or worse, prison? What will happen to my job? I can’t have a felony on my record, because I won’t be able to get hired. Being charged with a crime or being under investigation in Royal Oak is one of the scariest times in a person’s life. However, you and your family shouldn’t go it alone. You are entitled to have a Michigan attorney represent you. You can get a court appointed the attorney, if you can’t afford one, but if you want truly comprehensive representation, you need to retain an attorney who specializes in Michigan criminal law defense to represent you. Especially if you or a loved one is facing major felony charges, or is looking at the possibility of prison time in either the State of Michigan or Federal Department of Corrections.


Do I Need a Royal Oak Attorney?

In criminal cases, more than in any other, you need a Metro Detroit area attorney to represent you. Going it alone should not even be considered. Every word you say can be used by the prosecutor against you. Even when you are in Court and the Judge asks you questions, your answers are being transcribed by a court reporter and can be used against you. A Michigan attorney can protect your interests, negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf to try and minimize the damage of a conviction and, when in the client’s interest, take a matter to trial and advocate for you before a jury. A good Royal Oak criminal attorney who knows the statutes, case law and precedent, can make arguments that can, in some cases, have evidence tossed out, or suppress any statements that were made against you. If you are under investigation, hiring an experienced Royal Oak criminal defense attorney can be the most important move you make in your case. They can work with the prosecutor’s office and the police to try and prevent you from even being charged with a crime, or minimizing the charges that are levied against you.


Can a Macomb County Attorney Really Help me if I Haven’t Been Charged With a Crime Yet?

Yes. In every step of the criminal process, a retained attorney can benefit you. However, if you are being investigated for a criminal act, you are in particular need of a retained Greater Detroit area attorney. First, you are not entitled to an appointed attorney if you have not been charged with a crime. Therefore, you are truly going it alone against the investigative power of the government. A retained and experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney has the knowledge and wherewithal to intercede on your behalf. An attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor’s office to minimize your criminal exposure. They can also work with the Royal Oak police department to prevent you from being charged in the first place. Going it alone, you won’t be able to effectively do those things, and will likely only put yourself into greater jeopardy. Finally, if your Michigan defense attorney can’t prevent you from being charged, there are some things that can be done to ease the initial arrest and charged. If you have a retained criminal attorney, they can ensure that you are able to turn yourself in, avoiding the embarrassment of a public arrest. Further, they can be present at the initial bond hearing, where they can make arguments to, potentially, have you released on a personal bond, or that you should receive a lower bond, that you or your family can post to have you released.


What Can a Retained Criminal Attorney do to Minimize my Sentence?

A good Michigan criminal defense attorney, hired at the start of your case, can do a lot to minimize the consequences of a conviction for a client. A lot depends on the unique facts of each case, and the criminal record of the client. Taking that into account, a retained Royal Oak criminal attorney can review the evidence, work with you to develop a strategy to combat the charges, negotiate with the prosecutor’s office to reduce or dismiss the charges, and, if necessary, take the case to trial while preparing directly with you. In the event that you are convicted of a crime, and need a Macomb County attorney to advocate on your behalf at sentencing, a retained defense attorney can write a sentencing memorandum, incorporating the sentencing guidelines, to help you receive the lowest possible sentence.


Can a Michigan Attorney Really do Anything to Help me?

Yes. The rules about what police and prosecutors are allowed to do in prosecuting Michigan criminal cases are complex and filled with limitations. Some people may call them technicalities on television, but a good Royal Oak criminal defense attorney can evaluate your entire case, determine if there are places to try and sink the prosecution’s case. If you gave a statement to the police, it may not have been given in compliance with the law. If your house or car were searched by the police, and they did not have a warrant, they may have violated your rights. If the police obtained cellular phone location data without a warrant, the evidence may have been improperly obtained. There are a lot more examples, but in any case, an experienced, retained criminal defense attorney can file motions, contact witnesses, work with private investigators or expert witnesses, to argue to the Court that the evidence against you was not properly obtained and should be thrown out. A successful motion or argument that results in evidence getting tossed out can positively impact the outcome of your case, and in some circumstances, result in an outright dismissal of the case against you.


The long and short of the matter is, an experienced Royal Oak criminal defense attorney, retained to fight for you, can help ensure the best outcome for your criminal matter. From working to prevent charges in the first place, to challenging the evidence against you and trying the case if necessary, having that experience on your side can make all the difference in turning the scariest time in your life into one where you feel confident about the end result and your future.

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