Michigan State Licensing Board



Michigan State Licensing Board

Are you a nurse or a doctor who has had a complaint filed against you with the State Licensing Board? If so, you need to understand that you have rights, and that you can defend yourself against the allegations. However, you need to consult with and have an attorney by your side who can help you to navigate the complexities and pitfalls of challenging the Office of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, and the Assistant Attorneys General who prosecute these administrative matters. In many cases, negotiations can be entered into to minimize the allegations, or potentially even have them dismissed, but only if you have an attorney with you who has handled these matters and understands what needs to be done. If you are a doctor or a nurse, and you received a formal complaint from the State regarding potential sanctions and proceedings against your license, do not wait. Give us a call so that we can take a look at your case and give you the guidance you need, from responding to the complaint, all the way through, if necessary, administrative hearing.

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