Michigan State Licensing Board



Michigan State Licensing Board

Are you a licensed medical professional in the State of Michigan (doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, certified nurse assistant, licensed practical nurse, pharmacist, psychologist, MSW)? Have you had an administrative complaint filed against your license with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs? Or, are you a hospital, nursing home, surgical center, medical office, urgent care facility, or adult foster care facility with an administrative complaint?

If so, you need experienced counsel to represent you. The Attorney General’s Office handles these complaints and prosecutes them aggressively. They can steamroll over a licensed professional who does not have proper representation. Fortunately, you do not have to go it alone. You do have rights, but you need an experienced attorney to help defend you. These cases are not heard by traditional courts, but by administrative law judges many of whom have little or no experience working with medical facilities or medical professionals.

If you do not aggressively defend yourself, the State could terminate your license to practice or your license to operate altogether. They could ban you from practicing now and prohibit you from ever renewing your State license again. The Department, essentially, has the authority and power to take away your license and make sure that you can never work in Michigan again. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. At Dodson, Fowler, Williams & Nesi, PLC our team handles these cases on a regular basis. We work with medical professionals in our normal practice everyday. From doctors to physician’s assistants, RNs to CNAs, Pharmacists, Psychologists and even medical facilities, we have defended dozens of these cases and obtained positive outcomes for our clients.

When your license is at risk, you don’t want to be standing there alone. If you are a medical doctor or other medical professional, pharmacist, psychologist or medical facility and you have an administrative complaint filed against your license to operate, don’t wait. Give us a call. There are time constraints on when you have to respond to the Department’s complaint. We can look at your case and give you the right guidance and representation to successfully navigate your matter.

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