After a period of wait where no recreational Marijuana sale rules or plans seem to have been in place, it appears that the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation are to set to draft laws ahead of June 2019, according to The Detroit News.

Regarding both the commercialised production and then the sale of recreational marijuana in the state of Michigan, while the plans may be announced by June, the implementation may not take place until months later, according to Director Andrew Brisbo, whenever applications for a Recreational Marijuana License can start to be taken.

However, this is all very much on-plan for the state. After the usage of recreational cannabis was approved in November 2018, LARA was given until December 2019 to create the rules and allow Recreational Marijuana License applications to be accepted.

Emergency Rules

Now, there is the possibility that emergency rules can be set ahead of that date, and applications being accepted as a result. However, the Director advised “We can be prepared to do that. Whether we will or not depends on a lot of different factors”.

This issue has arisen, after those for medical marijuana were put in place and licencing began. And while said rules need to be issues in a timely manner, it’s reported that this is to help the Bureau, rather that please consumers as one may initially assume. However, it’s also worth noting that this then does allow the taxation of said Michigan marijuana products to start sooner as well. As a result, these details need to be ironed out before any emergency rules and Recreational Marijuana License are likely to be issued.


Current Michigan Marijuana Licenses

Right now, only the sale of medical marijuana is licenced in Michigan. And since November, it’s been reported that around $46 million has been generated from the medical marijuana market (until March 2019). That sum has been recorded after a sale of 9,385 pounds of cannabis sold.

In terms of the Michigan Marijuana Licenses that have been issued, there are approximately 121 medical marijuana licences approved. This has included denials and extensions for temporary dispensaries.


The Restructuring Of The Bureau of Marijuana Regulation

It’s also important to note that the “Bureau of Marijuana Regulation” is set to be replaced by the “Marijuana Regulatory Agency” towards the end of April. The new Marijuana Regulatory Agency will be in charge of regulating both medical and recreational cannabis in the most efficient way – particularly when it comes to licencing and reviewing applications.


The Michigan Marijuana Market

Right now, if we’re seeing such high numbers from the medical sales and usage alone, with Recreational Marijuana License administration, where will that number go?

It appears that there are around 293,000 patients registered for medical marijuana in Michigan. It’s noted that this is recorded as one of the highest in the United States of America overall. This is expected to increase due to Michigan being the first Midwestern state to legalize recreational marijuana usage. However, will this number start to drop when the recreational market has launched? Yet, that may not be the case due to the taxes that are likely to be higher than those in the medical market.