At Dodson, Fowler, Williams & Nesi, we know how stressful fighting for your child’s custody can be and understand how important it is to find the right custody evaluator for your needs. 


How to find the best attorney for custody in Metro Detroit

With more than 62 years of combined legal experience, we know that child custody cases are rarely easy, and emotions often run high. In many cases, both parents only want what is best for their child or children, which can make it difficult for them to agree on the finer points of their custody agreement. However, in some instances, an abusive parent may be trying to gain custody of their child, in which case it is only an experienced child custody lawyer that stands in their way. 

To help ensure that the needs of both parents and your children are met, you must find the right family or child custody attorney to meet your needs, mediate your custody agreement, and fight your corner if necessary.

Searching for a child custody evaluator 

Searching for a good child custody evaluator can be daunting. A Google search can throw up hundreds of results, and with little or no legal experience, you may struggle to know which person and practice are right for you.

It’s important to remember that every evaluator and every legal practice is slightly different, and each can bring something a little different to the table. Thus, it’s best to take a look at a variety of custody evaluators from your local area. 

A general Google search for ‘custody evaluators in Metro Detroit’ will help you find some potential candidates. From there, you can then make use of Google Reviews and the testimonials on their website to come up with your shortlist. 

Some things that you may want to consider: 

  • Are they local to you so that you can meet in person? 
  • How much experience do they have working in family law and on child custody cases? 
  • Are they private, or do they work within a law firm? 
  • Do they have any specialties that can benefit you?

Having shortlisted at least five potential candidates, you should then get in touch to ask for a consultation. Most custody evaluators will provide a half-hour free consultation to all new clients so that you can ask them any further questions and get a feel about whether they are someone you can see yourself working with. 


Making the most of your free consultation 

The free consultation offered to you by most attorneys and custody evaluators is essentially an interview opportunity. It should be used to make sure that they are the right person for your case. 

Child custody can be very personal, so it is crucial that you feel that you can work closely with your child custody evaluator and feel comfortable talking to them about matters that may be personal to you. During your consultation, a good child custody evaluator should listen carefully to your needs, not talk over you or rush you, and come across as knowledgeable about child custody cases. Although you may want to hear that you are definitely going to win your case, a good custody evaluator will never make a false promise and will be honest about your prospects, both good and bad. 


Verifying their credentials

Whether you ultimately decide to find your custody evaluator yourself or choose to use a referral service, it is wise to verify the credentials of whomever you choose before you pay them any money as there has been a surge in the number of scammers posing as Bar accredited lawyers.

One of the ways you can verify your chosen candidate’s credibility is by contacting the State Bar of Michigan, who can verify if your candidate holds a true license and whether they have any complaints against their name. 

You should also not be afraid to ask the candidate to provide evidence of their credentials. Most attorneys can show you certificates and provide you with their State Bar licensing number and a selection of testimonials and reviews by other clients they have represented. 


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