Just over 40% of modern marriages end in divorce. That’s an average one in every two! Michigan may have one of the lowest divorce rates in the US, but even here, around 6 in every 1000 marriages look set to fall apart in as little as ten years, second marriages included.

This can be a harsh reality to face, and it’s something we help clients through daily. Like it or not, marriages rarely end amicably, and we’re on hand to make sure that at least some middle ground is possible during this challenging process.

When minors are involved, outside help becomes especially essential for guaranteeing everyone’s needs are taken into account. As tough as divorce proceedings can be on the people going through them, kids can be hit particularly hard by the end of their family as they know it. In fact, there are pretty worrying stats about the impact of parental divorce on our younger generation, including –

  • Children are 50% more likely to develop health complaints after divorce
  • Children from divorced homes are around 300% more likely to need psychological help
  • Children of divorced parents are twice as likely to drop out of education

While nothing but ongoing love can negate these issues, approaching and managing divorce in the right way is fundamental for keeping youngsters clear of the worst implications. As well as seeking outside help, the Family Wizard App could well offer solutions to help you do just that.


What is the Family Wizard App?

The Family Wizard App is a co-parenting app that allows you to communicate childcare needs on a single platform during and after the divorce process. Family lawyers often now use this to manage divorce cases and gather concrete communication from clients for use during custody evaluations. Parents, too, often find that they’re better able to amicably arrange visits, parenting schedules, and more with the help of this family-based, organizational app to hand.


How can the Family Wizard App help in your case?

The Family Wizard App can be a massive help for taking much of the pain out of divorce proceedings. Misunderstandings and miscommunications can cause significant setbacks, as well as putting children in the middle of something they should be protected from.

The Family Wizard can make sure that doesn’t happen. With the oversight of your attorney, the information you share here can keep you on track for better co-parenting and communication throughout, without once requiring you to talk to each other. That can help to smooth the waters in even cases of divorce disputes.

Features that you’re sure to benefit from using, either among yourself or with your attorney, include –

  • Calendars to document parenting schedules
  • Guaranteed private messaging that you can share with practitioners
  • An ability to oversee and document expenses, including receipts for maintenance payments, etc.
  • A reliable info bank for storing crucial documents including immunization records, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Journaling capabilities to keep co-parents connected and involved, including check-in capabilities, photo uploading, and more


How can this help your family lawyer?

If you intend to use the Family Wizard App with the oversight of your family lawyer, you may be wondering how these features can help. In reality, the legal assistance offered by apps like these is invaluable for a range of reasons.

Most notably, documentation and communication within the Family Wizard App can help towards fair and well-informed decisions when it comes to custody evaluations and agreements.

Settling on co-parenting agreements in court is harrowing for both parties, and sometimes tricky to get right. By using features such as private messaging and calendar sharing, lawyers will be better able to see how you communicate as co-parents without any of the he said/she said that often gets in the way with such cases. Thus, they’ll be in the best position possible to arrange custody that fits with your new family dynamic.


Where can you get the Family Wizard App?

The benefits of the Family Wizard App speak for themselves, especially where your children are concerned. They should be your main priority in this case, after all, and this is a guaranteed way to ease the process from their perspective.

It may be that your attorney already uses the Family Wizard App as standard in their cases, in which instance they’ll direct you towards single or dual-parent usage. Even if not, family packages are available on a subscription or fee waiver program. Find out more by talking to your attorney today, or heading to ourfamilywizard.com.