You Don’t Need to Know Legal, That’s Our Job

You Don’t Need to Know Legal, That’s Our Job.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following represents most questions that clients usually have pertaining to the specific subjects. Should you have other questions not answered herein, we are only a phone call away.

Medical Marijuana Matters Q & A

Qualifications, police issues, Federal vs State differences, MMM Act. Click the button to learn the rules and regulations.

Recreational Marijuana Matters Q & A

What’s legal, what’s gray area and what can still get you into legal trouble? Read this to learn more.

Criminal Matters Q & A

Our job as your attorney is to educate you with the answers that you desperately seek. Click the button to reveal the guidelines, circumstances, and issues of certain cases, plus lots more.

Professional Licensing Defense Q & A

Doctors, psychologists, nurses, LNA, or other similar professionals having issues with the State of Michigan Licensing Board. Click the button to read more.

Divorce Q & A

Common answers to regular questions. How-to, entitlements, custody & child support issues, etc. Click below to gain the knowledge you need to know before decisions are made.

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