When you are involved in a car accident, you can suffer personal injuries that were clearly not your fault and the blame sits with the other party. When this happens it is necessary to contact to get legal advice and contact a personal injury attorney. But, do you need legal advice about a car accident?

If the car accident was clear cut it’s easy to think that you have a straightforward case and that it would be just as easy for you to deal with a personal injury compensation claim on your own. In theory, this is how it should be. However, when you begin the process of filing a claim on your own, you will most likely come across numerous obstacles that will make it extremely difficult.

When do you need legal advice about a car accident?

Personal injury is something that is of the utmost importance. It affects you, your family and friends and depending on the severity, it could be something that changes your life completely. Personal Injuries involve a wide range of consequences from suffering and pain to loss of income, loss of future income and mounting expenses that can ultimately decline your quality of life.

Knowing how much is at stake, it is essential for you to have any car accident claims handles by an expert professional, this is exactly what an injury attorney is. It’s important for you to get the right car accident legal advice.

It might be that your claim involves some very complex legal issues or your injuries are really severe so, it’s likely your claim varies from the standard claim. Having the help of an experienced car accident legal advice attorney can enable you to put forward a strong case that will ultimately get you the compensation that you deserve.

The following accidents and injuries call for you to seek legal advice car accident from an experienced personal injury attorney:

Severe Injuries

The level of compensation that you receive will be determined highly by the severity of your injuries and your potential loss of earnings. Evaluating the severity of an injury is certainly not easy. You have to include things like medical expenses, and the time it’s going to take you to recover, if you will recover fully, etc.

There are many loopholes when trying to gain all the relevant information so, this is where the use of a good car accident attorney can help you receive the highest compensation possible.


Long Term or Permanent Injuries

Some injuries may affect your way of life completely for the future, affecting your physical capabilities long-term and there are others that may even leave you permanently disabled. Finding out exactly how much your claim should be can be extremely complex, with seeking expert legal advice car accident, you could end up settling for much less than you are really due.


Dealing with the insurance

Dealing with the other parties car insurance company is always a nightmare. There is no insurance company that will agree to settle a personal injury claim based on good faith alone, even if they know it is owed to you. It’s not surprising though, it’s not in their best interest to make a payment. In fact, the majority of insurance companies will try their hardest to throw out your claim or do everything in their power to bring it down as much as possible.

Insurance companies are fully aware and good at moving as fast as possible to make a deal with you, they know that you are more likely to accept a deal not go looking for the legal advice car accident. You can be certain that this offer of compensation isn’t going to be anywhere near enough to cover any medical expenses, loss of earnings or any other expenses.

Irrespective of the severity of the nature of your injury, it is certainly not in your best interest to accept an offer directly from the insurance company of the other party that was at fault. You should always seek legal advice, this will ensure that you are getting the right compensation and you will never be expected to sign anything until it has been agreed and fought for by your attorney.

You will find that at times, just having the help and legal advice car accident from an attorney is enough to get the insurance company to pay you in a timely manner rather than facing a long process that they already know they are going to lose.

If you’ve been in an accident and require legal advice for your car accident then give us a call here at Fisher, Fowler, and Williams, we are more than happy to help.