Yesterday we posted some photos from the  2018 Detroit CannaCon.

Today, here’s our overall follow-up thoughts from attending CannaCon:

Being able to be an exhibitor and sponsor of CannaCon was an absolute blast.
We met so many new people, enjoyed the camaraderie of the industry and came away inspired to continue our zealous advocacy for clients in the cannabis business.
The most refreshing aspect of CannaCon was meeting like-minded individuals, who are not afraid to participate in this new and growing industry.

Thank you to everyone who came to visit with us at CannaCon.
Thanks to everyone sporting  the Fowler & Williams, PLC and CannaCon bags.
This experience was immensely fun to be a part of.

For everyone we had the pleasure of interacting with at CannaCon, thank you for sharing your time and your experiences with us!

Below are some more photos from Day 2. Feel free to share the pictures, or send people to this page!

(*photo credit Fusion Marketing)