From June 1, 2018.

Today was such an exciting day for Fowler & Williams, PLC! Aimee, Dan and Mike all attended CannaCon in Detroit.
Not only did we have an absolute blast meeting lots of wonderful people in the industry, but we also had the pleasure of sponsoring CannaCon.

Our hope when we signed on to be a sponsor for CannaCon was to meet new people, learn more about the Cannabis industry and educate people about the options available to them when pursuing this innovative and burgeoning industry.
Our expectations were met.
Everyone we had the pleasure of talking to is excited about the possibilities, innovations and ever changing markets for Cannabis not only here in Michigan, but throughout the United States.

When walking into CannaCon today, we expected to meet players in the industry, as well as individuals interested in breaking into the Cannabis marketplace.
Our expectations were blown out of the water, as we engaged with so many people who have like-minded passion for this work, regardless of their experience within the industry itself.

The common theme with everyone we interacted with today was the drive and belief that we are truly enhancing peoples’ quality of life and chartering new courses together.
There are limitless possibilities in the Cannabis industry.
The energy level of both the attendees and the exhibitors was overwhelming.
Attendance was phenomenal and far higher than what we expected for the first day.
The vibe was very high energy and positive.
The techno music from Futurola from Amsterdam definitely kept the vibe upbeat and interesting in our area.
Each person we spoke with taught us something, because of their unique and different experience in the cannabis industry.

Thank you CannaCon and we are looking vastly forward to day two!

Below are photos from Day 1, feel free to share them or send people to this page!

(*photo credit Fusion Marketing)

You can find pictures from Day 2 of this event here:  Detroit Cannacon 2018