Updates To Marijuana Law In Michigan In 2020

Do I Need a Michigan Hemp License?

Hemp is one of the largest new opportunities for growers in Michigan this is because of its recent legalization by the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill. Hemp is cultivated in order to produce biomass, grain, fiber, or non-intoxicating medicinal compounds like cannabidiol (CBD).

Updates To Marijuana Law In Michigan In 2020

How Do I Acquire A License To Grow Hemp In Michigan

In 2018, the growing of hemp in Michigan was legalized due to the U.S Farm Bill. Hemp can be classified as Cannabis containing below 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis. Hemp is often grown to produce CBD or for grain and fiber. In 2019 growers first began to produce hemp under the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Program. As we are still in the fairly early phases of the pilot program, there are still many questions about proper licensing and regulations. Many people are unclear about how to get a licence to grow hemp in Michigan.

Updates To Marijuana Law In Michigan In 2020

Tips to be Successful While Using the Michigan METRC Software

Michigan’s licensed medical marijuana businesses are going to be required to report all inventory movement to the state’s reporting system, METRC Michigan. The majority of business owners are choosing to use a third party in conjunction with METRIC Michigan for integrates software for the sale and seed track. When the level of expectations aren’t met, the implementation process can experience severe delays and cause unintended disruptions to business. However, it is possible to achieve successful ongoing use and software implementation.

For most businesses, choosing to make use of a third party integrated software alongside METRIC Michigan is a really simple decision. Point of sale and seed to sale software offers businesses ease of use and additional detailed reporting and tracking. Integrated software will also help you to avoid the need to manually enter data into METRIC Michigan, this helps to alleviate a lot of time consumption.