9 Signs Your Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer is an Expert

9 Signs Your Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer is an Expert

When you are involved in an accident or incident where you sustain a personal injury, it can leave you in a vulnerable state. Whether it is a minor injury or a life-changing injury, you need to know that your personal injury lawyer is an expert that you can trust to fight for the compensation that you deserve. To help ensure that you choose the right lawyer so that you receive expert legal assistance, below are nine signs that indicate your Detroit personal injury lawyer is an expert:

9 Signs Your Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer is an Expert

COA Gives Plaintiffs Big Win in Auto Accident Cases

On Thursday, the Michigan Court of Appeals in a case of first impression, gave Plaintiffs a big victory in first party (PIP) litigation cases. In Haydaw et. al v. Farm Bureau Insurance, the Court of Appeals determined that once litigation commences, insurance companies may no longer rescind their policies and seek summary disposition where a Plaintiff makes an inaccurate statement or an inconsistent statement that the Insurance company deems to be fraud.

9 Signs Your Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer is an Expert

Leaving the scene of a single car accident Michigan.

The law in Michigan requires that you stop when you are involved in any vehicular accident.

This means that you have a legal obligation to pull up to the side of the road as soon as it is safe to do so. If there are other vehicles involved, you must exchange your information with the other driver or drivers. It would be best if you also stopped to assist anyone who is injured.

If you don’t meet your legal obligations, you could be charged with hit and run.

But what happens if there are no other vehicles involved in the accident?

In this article, we’ll discuss what happens when leaving the scene of a single-car accident in Michigan.

9 Signs Your Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer is an Expert

Michigan Rear-End Accident Laws

When it comes to activity on the road, you’re always going to want to be prepared for any and every eventuality. What should be a basic task can sometimes turn out to be quite a distressing event as we never quite know how our car and other drivers are going to behave.

Of course, being prepared on your end should go without saying, but you should also have the backing of others around you should you run into any trouble or stress while driving. Many kinds of accidents and collisions can happen on the road, including that of a rear-end crash. In 2016, rear-end crashes killed eighty-two people, injured over twenty-three thousand, and were responsible for twenty-six percent of all motor accidents of that year. Let’s delve into a little more detail as we break down rear-ended collisions and the laws surrounding them.

9 Signs Your Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer is an Expert

Can you sue a driver in Michigan for an accident?

If you’ve been in a car accident that was not your fault, your life will undoubtedly have been affected in many ways. You may have sustained injuries. These injuries may take a long time for you to recover from, or they could be life-changing. As a result of the crash, you may have sustained trauma. Post-traumatic stress following a car accident can have a massive impact on your life and your mental health. You may have endured a loss of earnings in addition to the physical and mental problems you may have experienced as a result of the crash. On top of this financial loss, there will also be the damage to your vehicle to factor in too. To get your back on track again, you will need to be financially compensated. If another driver was at fault, you might find yourself asking the question, ‘can you sue a driver in Michigan for an accident?’

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can go about suing a driver in Michigan if you’ve been in an accident.

9 Signs Your Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer is an Expert

The Average Settlement For A Car Accident In Michigan

Nobody wants a car accident or any kind of traffic collision to take place, but unfortunately, they happen very frequently. Human error, technical issues, or even straight-up idiocy mean that people regularly get themselves into trouble on the road. That’s why you, as a driver, must be so very careful behind the wheel as anything could happen.

Now, the chances are that you’ll probably run into some kind of issue(s) in the future due to the nature of road life and the balance of probability. This means you should always be backed up by a legal team – just in case. It doesn’t matter whether you’re involved in a small fender bender or whether you’re part of a huge smash, having the right people and firm on your side is critical in terms of the way things play out going forward.

You’ll be affected in one way or another by negative experiences on the road, so it’s only fair that you’re compensated in return. You deserve to come out of the other side with justice prevailing – however that justice presented itself. When an event occurs that precedes legal action, a settlement is often agreed that benefits those wronged. In Michigan, settlements can vary – the most anyone has ever received in this state is thirty-four million dollars after a truck accident. That figure is likely to remain the highest auto or truck accident settlement ever by a lawyer.

Let’s delve into a little more detail, and then look at what the average settlement for a car accident actually is.