Career Highlights

Career Highlights

Notable Examples of What We’ve Accomplished

With over 20 years of combined law experience, we have participated in more than our fair share of numerous types of cases. Most attorneys won’t see 1/2 of the type of cases in their lifetime that we have already tried, and won. Multiple times. That’s not a bragging tool, it’s simply to let you know that when you hire us, you’re hiring the best. You are retaining attorneys who have been there, done that. You can feel confident that we will fight for you to the best of our ability to get you your desired outcome.

2003 AF: Becomes Licensed Massachusetts Attorney

2003 – Ms. Fowler passed the Bar Exam for the State of Massachusetts and became a licensed attorney.
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2008 DW: Becomes Michigan Attorney

2008 – Mr. Williams passed the Michigan Bar Exam and was licensed to practice law.

2009 AF: Becomes Michigan Attorney

2009 – Ms. Fowler passed the Bar Exam for the State of Michigan and became an attorney licensed to practice law in Michigan.

2009 DW: Media Case

2009 – Mr. Williams worked on the media case of People v. William Mosley, preparing a motion that ensured the identification of the perpetrator was admissible. The matter was appealed, and the arguments made in his motion were affirmed on appeal. A copy of the opinion is here.

2011 DW: Michigan’s Peace Bond Statute

2011 – Mr. Williams worked on a national media case, People v. Terry Jones, drafting the appellate brief regarding the Defendant’s conviction for violating Michigan’s peace bond statute.

2012 AF: Creates Law in Alleged Domestic Violence Cases

2012 – Ms. Fowler argued and filed the trial motions in the case of People v. Kevin Szabo, her positions in the matter becoming law in a published opinion from the Michigan Court of Appeals. The case has permanently altered the applicability of the spousal privilege in Michigan regarding cases of alleged domestic violence. See the opinion.

2012 AF: National Media Case

2014 – Ms. Fowler prosecuted and tried a national media case, People v. Robert Messer, resulting in a conviction that has been subsequently upheld on appeal. You can read about that case.

2012 DW: Prosecution and Conviction Upheld

2012 – Mr. Williams prosecuted the case of People v. Gerald Nash, which involved the horrific mistreatment of an elderly man, resulting in his death. The conviction was upheld on appeal. A copy of the appellate opinion is here.

2014 DW: Complex Homicide Prosecution

2014 – Mr. Williams prosecuted a complex homicide, People v. Ronald Darden, involving complex issues regarding insanity and future dangerousness issues.

2016: Admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States

Both Ms. Fowler and Mr. Williams were admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States.

2016 AF: ICLE Family Law Certificate Program Completion

2016 – Ms. Fowler completes the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) Family Law Certificate Program, joining a group of only 300 licensed attorneys who have completed the training.

2018: First Client's Provisioning Center Approved

Dodson, Fowler, Williams & Nesi helped a client obtain their municipal approval. You can read about that here.

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2017: The Law Firm Dodson, Fowler, Williams & Nesi(Formally, Fowler & Williams, PLC) is Founded

After working at other law firms, Ms. Aimee Fowler and Mr. Daniel Williams teamed up and founded their own law firm.

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