Attorney Aimee M. Fowler, Esq.


Aimee was born and raised in Morristown, TN, a small town in eastern Tennessee about forty minutes east of Knoxville. Aimee spent all of her youth in Morristown, graduating from Morristown West High School. After graduation, Aimee completed her undergraduate education at Middle Tennessee State University, graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and Marketing. While at Middle Tennessee State University, Ms. Fowler pledged and was accepted into the prestigious sorority of Alpha Delta Pi, in which she was an active member, and elected officer, and in which she remains interested.

Upon graduation from Middle Tennessee State University, Ms. Fowler moved from Tennessee with her former husband to Cleveland, OH. In Cleveland, Ms. Fowler initially worked at Ernst & Young in their Human Resources department. After a year, Ms. Fowler took a position at The Cortland Group, where her window looked down on the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, and she determined to set out on a career in law. Before committing to law school, Ms. Fowler completed a paralegal certificate program after graduation from Middle Tennessee State University, and received her paralegal certification from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Ms. Fowler spent the summer of 1999 in Pittsburgh completing the curriculum.

Upon completion, Ms. Fowler returned to Cleveland and took a job at SKW, working as a paralegal to two corporate litigation attorneys. Her experience at Duquesne and at SKW, convinced her that law school was a good fit. While she was living in Shaker Heights, Ms. Fowler began to attend law school at Cleveland-Marshall School of Law, part of Cleveland State University.

Massachusetts Education

Ms. Fowler completed the first two years of her legal education at Cleveland-Marshall, before moving to Boston, MA. During her time at Cleveland-Marshall, Ms. Fowler worked in the area of Fair Housing Law as a law student. She worked with minorities and the economically disadvantaged who had been discriminated against while attempting to get placed for government assisted housing. Ms. Fowler received an award for her public service and her pro bono service as a result of her diligent efforts representing those persons who were most in need of help, and who could least afford to pay for it.

When Ms. Fowler left Cleveland, she applied for a transfer to and was accepted at Boston University, where she completed the final year of her law school education. Ms. Fowler sat for and passed the Massachusetts Bar Exam in 2003 and passed with an almost perfect score on her first attempt. She was sworn into the Massachusetts Bar in late 2003 and has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts for nearly 14 years. Ms. Fowler did not go immediately into practice, because she gave birth to her daughter, Sophia, less than a year later. After another year, Ms. Fowler’s former husband had been transferred to the Detroit area for his job, and Ms. Fowler and her daughter accompanied them.

Michigan Education

Upon arriving in Detroit in 2005, Ms. Fowler began looking for opportunities to practice law. During that time, Ms. Fowler gave birth to her youngest child, her son, Benjamin. In 2007, Ms. Fowler took an internship at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office in Detroit, MI, working in the Child Abuse Unit. Ms. Fowler worked there as a volunteer attorney, gaining experience prosecuting complex felony cases with child victims. Ms. Fowler also began preparing to take the Michigan Bar Exam which she took and passed in February 2009, and was subsequently admitted to the Michigan Bar in June of 2009.

Ms. Fowler discovered the complexities and challenges of the Family Court System when she was finally divorced from her former spouse in January of 2013. Her experience in the family courts is part of what drives her focus on helping family law clients today. In March of 2016, Ms. Fowler was admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, a prestigious admission, which allows Ms. Fowler to file and argue matters before the United States Supreme Court.


Aimee is the joint owner and managing partner at Fowler & Williams, PLC, which she founded with her law partner, Dan Williams, in August of 2017. Ms. Fowler and her law partner determined that there was a substantial need for a more hands-on approach to family law than what many attorneys are willing to offer. Ms. Fowler experienced the issues that arise in a divorce matter on a personal level, and that experience drives her approach to the practice of family law, wanting to ensure her clients are armed with the information she wishes she had known.

While Ms. Fowler continues to practice high level felony criminal defense, her time in the Child Abuse Unit at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office in Detroit, MI, allowed Ms. Fowler to see the importance of always putting the best interests of children first in situations of divorce, violence and abuse. That understanding leads her to take the hands-on, high-touch approach with clients.

Previous Cases

Aimee has a vast well of experience in criminal law as well. She tried more than 100 felony matters between her date of hiring in April of 2010, until she left in June of 2015. Ms. Fowler was immediately assigned to the Trials Division, where she ran the Courtrooms of several judges, handling felony trials, included a variety of cases. Ms. Fowler handled firearms violations, felony drug cases, assaults, robberies and financial crimes matters while she was assigned to general trials for approximately 18 months.

In April of 2012, Aimee was transferred to the Child Abuse Unit of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, where she remained until leaving the office in June of 2015. While assigned to the Child Abuse Unit, Ms. Fowler prosecuted cases from warrant review until sentencing after plea or trial. All of the victims Ms. Fowler dealt with were under the age of 17, and she obtained a certificate for completing the Forensic Interviewing of Children protocol course, which provides her the ability to interview and talk with children about allegations of abuse, neglect or criminal activity perpetrated against them.

Ms. Fowler prosecuted some of Wayne County and Michigan’s worst offenders, who sexually abused children or physically abused children. Ms. Fowler held countless preliminary exams, and argued hundreds of complex procedural and constitutional motions before more than 30 judges who presided over matters in the Third Circuit Court’s Criminal Division. Ms. Fowler prosecuted several cases that received national media attention, as well as prosecuting more than her fair share of child homicide cases, including medically complex cases involving what is commonly referred to as Shaken Baby Syndrome.

During her time, Aimee also came to specialize in delayed reporting criminal sexual conduct cases, where a child victim, for any number of reasons, delays reporting a sexual assault, and where there is little or no evidence other than the word of the child.

Current Cases

Now, at Fowler & Williams, PLC, Aimee focuses her practice on handling divorce matters, including those with and without children, and those with complex financial issues, as well as child custody and support cases, and post-judgment issues that arise when life changes require a revisiting of the final judgment, or when one party fails to do something that they promised they would do in the judgment.

Family law can be very complex, both legally and emotionally, for clients and sometimes for the lawyers. Aimee focuses on helping client’s get out of high-conflict court battles and ensuring that clients are heard by the Court, while pressing for outcomes that ensure the Courts understand the source of the conflict and the best means by which to address the issues.

Aimee has substantial experience dealing with psychologically complex divorces, including those that involve narcissistic and borderline personalities, as well as cases that involve allegations of parental alienation, parental estrangement and “gaslighting.”

Case Choices

As a defense attorney, Aimee picks and chooses her criminal cases, only handling felony matters, and only handling those cases that have the right factual background, or which fall into her expertise. Ms. Fowler has a vast well of experience to draw from related to these cases and uses that expertise to assist clients accused of a crime to the best possible outcome.

Most importantly, Aimee is not afraid to go to trial for clients. She has handled more jury trials in her 14 years of practice than most attorneys handle in their entire career. No matter is too complex or too difficult for Aimee to take on, and she will do so fearlessly. If you want an attorney to take care of you who has the experience, know-how and willingness to fight for you, Aimee is your lawyer.

Outside of Work

In her spare time, Ms. Fowler is an avid cook and gardener, loving to prepare complex dishes in the kitchen using herbs and vegetables grown in her backyard garden. She particularly enjoys spending time with her significant other and law partner, her two children, and their two dogs, Charger, their Golden Retriever and Abe, their Chocolate Labrador Retriever. You may seem them out walking, or simply out and about in their community of Grosse Pointe.
Aimee can be reached any time on her cell phone, 313-421-6069, by call or text, or by email,
You can make an appointment to meet Aimee at her office, 18538 Mack Ave., Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236, any day of the week, including weekends.
If an office meeting doesn’t strike your fancy, Aimee is more than happy to meet you at a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, or even at your home, if that is what you prefer.