Personal Injury/Auto Negligence

Personal Injury/Auto Negligence

Our firm has a large, extensive, and very successful first and third-party automobile negligence practice. Despite the ever-changing landscape related to Michigan’s No Fault Act, our attorneys have successfully navigated this ever-changing and nuanced field of law. In this part of our practice, we represent victims of automobile accidents in first party cases, where we are trying to seek full reimbursement for the medical care these Clients need after they are hurt in an accident, and to which the law makes clear they are entitled. 

We also have a significant portion of this area dedicated to bodily injury cases, or what is known as third-party cases. These cases focus on the negligence of the other driver, and the long-term pain and suffering that Clients are sure to feel as a result of their injury. Finally, we also represent medical providers, doctors, hospitals, surgery centers, pharmacies, MRI and CT clinics, as well as others, who have provided care to patients related to their accidents, but for which the responsible automobile insurance companies have refused to pay. We file suits for car accident victims, as well as providers, to ensure that their rights are protected and that the insurance companies pay out for real and legitimate claims. Our victims deserve it.

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