Personal Injury/Auto Negligence

Personal Injury/Auto Negligence

We practice personal injury, with integrity. Period. No gimmicky slogans, no flashy commercials. Frankly, we don’t need to do that and we don’t want to. Our clients, and we have hundreds of them, come to us by word of mouth, or referrals from other clients or medical providers who know our reputations. The lead partner for our auto negligence practice has more than 25 years of experience doing personal injury cases, with a focus on auto negligence. Through all of the changes that have happened, our lawyers have weathered the storm for our clients, and continue to ensure the best service and outcomes possible.

Our attorneys have a passion for helping those who are most significantly injured in automobile accidents. The firm specializes in traumatic brain injury cases and complex automobile negligence cases. We handle the most serious head, neck and back injury matters regularly. The fact is, ANY accident can lead to serious injury. Not just the ones involving “Big Trucks,” buses, or commercial vehicles. The lawyers in our firm really do try cases. Not one or two a year so we can say we’re being truthful in our television ads (which we don’t have and don’t want). Our trial attorneys have done hundreds of trials.

We don’t have lawyers representing clients who don’t have high-stakes trial backgrounds. Our clients need to know and be assured that if a case must go to trial, they have a truly experienced team behind them from start to finish. Dodson Fowler, Williams & Nesi makes sure that our clients are engaged and informed every step of the way. If our clients are too severely injured to make it to us, we come to them. Our goal is to make our client’s lives as easy as possible, because these cases can take many months, even years, to resolve. Many of our cases are clients who were disgruntled with their former attorneys, and who were referred to us. We aren’t afraid to take cases in the middle of the litigation process. Many times, we find those most rewarding, because with TBI and head injury cases, often times clients have not been given the appropriate care and attention they need to truly get a settlement or result on their case that represents the true value of the matter. We can fix that, because we have the experience necessary to know how to handle these kinds of cases.

The law surrounding auto negligence is getting ready to change. Some of those changes are already taking place, and some go into effect this July. The rules that will affect injured people, however, really begin to take shape in July of 2021. We’re already getting prepared for those changes now, so our clients, with accidents after July 1, 2021, don’t have to worry about whether we will be able to navigate their cases successfully through the morass.

If you want to be sure your lawyer can properly shepherd your case from start to finish, look no further than Dodson Fowler, Williams & Nesi. We have the experienced legal team you need to make sure that you truly are getting the best possible representation from your law firm. If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, give us a call and set up a consultation. We’d love to meet with you. And remember, there are time limits to being able to file your claim, so don’t delay.

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