When you are involved in an accident or incident where you sustain a personal injury, it can leave you in a vulnerable state. Whether it is a minor injury or a life-changing injury, you need to know that your personal injury lawyer is an expert that you can trust to fight for the compensation that you deserve. To help ensure that you choose the right lawyer so that you receive expert legal assistance, below are nine signs that indicate your Detroit personal injury lawyer is an expert:

They have years of experience

Everyone has to start somewhere, but experience matters when it comes to increasing the chance of receiving the compensation that you deserve. To find out how much experience lawyers have, you can usually look on their website or get in touch and ask them.


They have tried many cases

Not only does experience come in the form the length of time they have been a practicing lawyer, but it also comes in the form of the number of cases tried. The more cases they have tried, the more equipped they are to deal with different scenarios, and the more they can tailor their advice to you.


They are knowledgeable

So that they can give you the best advice possible, and take your case down the correct route, your personal injury lawyer needs to be knowledgeable. Knowledge gives your case strength and can only benefit the result.


They specialize in personal injury claims

There are many different areas of law that a lawyer can specialize in. To get the best result for your personal injury case, you need to ensure that your lawyer is a specialized personal injury lawyer as they will have a more in-depth knowledge of the law surrounding your case.


They will always answer your questions

When you have an ongoing case, there is no such thing as a stupid question. An expert personal injury lawyer will answer all of your questions so that you know exactly what is going on. Personal injury law can be quite complicated, so it is better to ask a question for your own peace of mind, rather than worry that you don’t understand.


They won’t advise you to settle your case too soon

Settling your case before your injury has healed, or before you have final medical evidence means that you could receive less compensation than you deserve.


They are licensed in your state

You can check a lawyer’s bar status online, and ensure they are licensed in the state where the accident happened.


Previous clients have left positive testimonies

The best way to find out whether or not personal injury lawyers are experts in their field and work well with clients is to find reviews online. They will give you a real indication on their priorities and whether there are previous clients that would recommend their services.


They will fight for you

Your personal injury lawyer should want to fight for you so that you receive the outcome that you deserve.