All lawyers are the same, right? Wrong! There are lawyers, and then there are great lawyers. Finding the right lawyer can make all the difference to your case, helping to achieve the best outcome for you.


So what makes a great lawyer? Take a look at these six signs your Michigan lawyer is an expert.

1. They don’t make promises they can’t keep

A good lawyer should never make a promise that they can’t keep. Even the most straightforward of cases can end up with an unpredictable outcome. While they can’t make guarantees, they can explain how does a lawsuit work, what the potential outcomes are and what are your chances of winning. 

There are ethical values all lawyers must abide, and an expert lawyer who is honest and realistic is a lawyer you can trust. When they say something is too good to be true, it probably is, so never hire a lawyer who makes bold, unrealistic claims. 


2. They will answer all of your questions

Unless you’ve worked with a lawyer before, it’s understandable that you’ll be clueless about all kinds of legal issues, terms and processes. An expert lawyer will be able to answer any questions that you have, from ‘how do lawsuits work’, to ‘how can I appeal my case’. Your lawyer should make time to help you understand the details of your case so that you can feel at ease with what’s going on. No question should be too simple, and they should make the time to help improve your knowledge and understanding of your case.


3. They’re experienced

When it comes to finding a trusted law firm, experience is key. In areas like personal injury cases, it helps to deal with a lawyer who has experience with this legal area. Not all lawyers are experts at every aspect of the law, so while you might have had a great lawyer for your divorce or real estate transaction, they might not be what you’re looking for to help with a car accident claim.

Do your research when carefully when choosing a lawyer. You can find expert lawyers in Michigan who have the experience you need to stand the best chance of winning your case.


4. They have excellent testimonials

Word of mouth is important when choosing any product or service, and the same goes for choosing a lawyer. Knowing that your lawyer has been recommended by countless others can give you the assurance you need that you’ve picked the right lawyer for you.

Many lawyers make bold claims, but you can’t argue with real reviews from real people. Read client testimonials to see how well a law firm has performed to help put your mind at ease. 


5. They are strong communicators

Dealing with a lawsuit can be a stressful process, and you’ll likely be on edge waiting for updates. A lawyer who ignores your calls and emails will only make the stress of your situation worse and isn’t an example of a great lawyer.

Finding an expert lawyer who’ll provide regular communication can make your situation as stress-free as possible, reassuring you that your case is in safe hands. Effective communication is a key part of providing a good service, and an expert lawyer should do this effortlessly as part of their job.


6. They are committed to your case

Lawyers can handle hundreds of cases each year, especially personal injury lawyers. But the difference between an average lawyer and a great lawyer is that a great lawyer will care about your unique case, ensuring they’ll fight for the most positive outcome. It’s this commitment that shows you’ve got a great lawyer working with you, helping you feel confident in their services no matter what the outcome.

Finding an expert lawyer in Michigan can feel like hitting the jackpot. Not only will you feel more confident and informed about your case, but you’ll also feel at ease knowing you’ve got experts working on your behalf. Personal injury claims should be straightforward and hassle-free, and that’s how the lawyers at Fisher, Fowler and Williams want it to be.

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