From February 26, 2019.

Day 1 was such an exciting day for Fowler & Williams, PLC! Aimee and Dan attended the first ever CIMP in Birch Run, MI.

We had the pleasure of meeting a lot of like-minded industry professionals from all over the world and many curious minds looking to break into Michigan’s growing industry. We didn’t get too much coverage because we spent most of the day answering questions and educating event attendees.

Mr. Dan Williams was invited to speak at not only one but two seminars at the event.

  1. Keeping up with Changing Medical Marijuana Regulations
  2. Surviving Corporate Cannabis: Cultivation Business Management

Unfortunately, Day 2 for the event wasn’t as kind to us.
Dan and Aimee were involved in a weather-related accident on the freeway.
No one was injured but we missed the rest of the expo and did not get any more coverage of the event and apologize for that.

2019 Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Michigan Summit & Expo

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