If you have been injured and you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer, you will want to know what separates the good from the bad. Below, we will reveal what a Detroit personal injury lawyer should do differently.

They care

Personal injury lawyers can get a bad rap, yet they genuinely care about their clients and getting the best result for them. They know you’re going through a bad time, and they aim to make it better, not worse.


They help a wide range of people

No injury is too small or too big, and no case is too niche or too common. No matter what has happened to you, it is best to consult with a lawyer to discover what your options are and whether compensation is a possibility for you.


They are honest

A reputable Detroit personal injury lawyer will be honest about your case, including your chances of securing compensation and the likely road ahead.


They will let you make the final decision

They will give you all of their facts and their opinion on whether an offer is good or not, but ultimately, the decision is yours.


They will answer all of your questions

A lot of people are worried about asking “stupid” questions and so they hold back when they are in discussion with their lawyer. Don’t be afraid to ask any question; your lawyer is there to answer them and explain anything you don’t understand.


They help you gather evidence

Your lawyer will help you to uncover any evidence that you may not have considered.


They know all of the tricks the other team may pull

There are some people that believe they do not need the services of a personal injury lawyer to make a claim. However, one of the reasons why professional help is important is because experienced lawyers ensure you don’t get manipulated by the other party’s legal team.


They keep records

Your personal injury lawyer will keep all of the records relating to your case, so make sure you ask them to send everything over to you.


They provide you with a free consultation

There seems to be this belief that it costs a fortune to speak with a personal injury lawyer, let alone make a claim with one. This could not be further from the truth. A reputable Detroit personal injury lawyer is always going to start off by offering you a consultation, which should be free of charge and without any obligation to continue with their service.


They take the weight off your shoulders

You may think making a claim is simply another thing to worry and stress about, and you already have enough on your plate at the moment. However, a good lawyer ensures that your claim is nothing to fret about.

So there you have it: an insight into 10 of the things that any reputable and professional Detroit personal injury lawyer should do differently to give you the best chance of winning your case.